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Leave a Legacy

Help Later

Create a legacy of caring for children that will live on forever. Your gift through a will or trust, IRA, 401(k) or insurance policy beneficiary can be easy and have a powerful impact for future generations. You can help us make life-saving heart surgery accessible to children for years to come. 

Simple steps for IRA/401(k) or insurance policy: 

1. Contact your insurance company or retirement plan administrator for a beneficiary designation change form.

2.  Add HeartGift Foundation, a Texas, 501(3)(c) not-for-profit organization, Tax ID #74-2967809 and indicate a percentage 1%-100%, knowing that any and every amount helps!

3. Send one copy back to the company; one copy to HeartGift. 

For a will or trust – contact your attorney to help you write up an amendment adding HeartGift as a beneficiary:

HeartGift Foundation, a Texas 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID #74-2967809

Please give us a notice of your thoughtful plans to help insure your gift goes exactly how you’d like it when the time comes.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at (512) 330-4988 for the latest transfer information.

Help Now

Rollover your IRA
By taking a distribution from your IRA this year, you will likely pay more in taxes and may even reach a higher tax bracket. Rolling over part of your IRA’s “required minimum distribution” or “RMD” to a charity, like HeartGift, can help reduce your tax bill while helping us save lives. A distribution of this kind can be made in any amount up to $100,000. If you are age 70.5 or older, you may want to consider this as an option for giving.

Contact your IRA administrator to get started with your gift. While you will not receive an income tax deduction, you will not pay taxes on any distributions made to HeartGift.

Gifts of stock and other appreciated assets can help our children a lot – and can help you too! It’s a win-win! Gifts of stock or other appreciated assets can give your family a big tax benefit, often even in a down market.  Many of our supporters choose to take advantage of this especially smart way to give. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at (512) 330-4988 for ideas and the latest transfer information. 

Recurring gifts can make giving easy for you and help HeartGift plan ahead for our kids’ needs. A little bit a month can help your budget and ours too. Setting up a credit card or bank account monthly/quarterly or other, periodic gift is simple. Just give us a call at 512-330-4988 or send a noteto [email protected] for the details.

Send us a message using the form below or call our office at (512) 330-4988