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Angel – Age 5 – Honduras

Little Angel was born in the very rural town of Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras more than 100 miles from the next largest city. At six months of age, Angel’s mother noticed he was experiencing consistent and severe reflux.  Their local doctor identified a heart murmur and referred him to a specialist.  Ultimately, Angel’s mom boarded a bus and traveled ten hours to see a cardiologist where the baby was diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), or a hole between the heart’s two upper chambers.  Angel has lived with the defect for four and a half years ago resulting in numerous bouts of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, as well as multiple hospitalizations that lasted several weeks. Today, the 5-year-old loves to play with his toy excavator and sing. He – and his family – can’t wait for his newly repaired heart so that he will have more energy to run and play with his sisters, parents, and friends.

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